Merci, Montreal! Taylor-made remixes | November 29, 2002 Issue
Club Stereo lives up to its name
by Matt Kalkhoff

Miraculously, my Party Chasing Pussy Posse (inspired by Samantha on "Sex and the City") made it back in one piece from our first international party retreat during the Nov. 8 weekend. In a 54.5-hour whirlwind, we drove to and from Montreal (14.5 hours total), visited 10 different venues (including several of the world's premier all-nude stripper bars), and had more fun than any snobby has-been publicist might have trying to rid the world of white trash by plowing her daddy's SUV into a crowd of innocent bystanders.

Still mourning the untimely demise of our favorite nightclub last year, the posse followed Victor Calderone to the French Canadian metropolis to catch his monthly Sunday morning residency at the closest thing left on this earth to our beloved Twilo: Club Stereo. Conveniently nestled in the heart of La Village, Montreal's gay neighborhood, the mid-sized club just happened to be celebrating its fourth anniversary before closing down in December for a few weeks of aesthetic and structural modifications.

While it's always a pleasure to meet the talented men and women who create the music we love to dance to, the encounter is even more rewarding when they're also as charming and passionate as famed DJ/producer Angel Moraes. A Brooklyn native and longtime friend of Victor's, Angel set out to create the perfect dance space: an underground club built from the ground up by a DJ for DJs and dancers.

Inspired by New York hotspots of the '80s, like the legendary Funhouse and Paradise Garage, Angel designed the straightforward room to achieve the optimal underground vibe. He also designed and custom built the club's analog sound system, considered by many to be the best in the world.

I wholeheartedly concur, just don't forget your earplugs: Stereo is extreme clubbing that will push each of your five senses to the edge. Many thanks to the lovely Stacey for assisting us at the front door and for accompanying me on some zany escapades both in the DJ booth and out on the dance floor, as well as our gracious host at the Turquoise Bed & Breakfast, Gilles.

In fact, everyone in Montreal was just so damn friendly and nice that it would have been difficult not to have a great time. And the men - oh my, those French Canadian men are simply the most beautiful (and frisky) creatures roaming this planet! I may just have to go back for Stereo's grand reopening , currently slated for December 21, with Victor and Angel tag-teaming on the turntables. Please visit, and for more info.

'With Every Beat Of My Heart'

If you're as big a Taylor Dayne fan as I am, you won't want to miss her new Centaur maxi-single release, "How Many." Originally featured on the label's "Circuit" movie soundtrack earlier this year, the double-disk collection features 20 (!) versions of the song, remixed by artists like Guido Osorio, Friburn & Urik, DJ DeMarko (Menergy), Randy Bettis (Bet Boyz) and Eddie X.

While I applaud Centaur for consistently trying new things and for releasing all these wonderful mixes, I must admit I was initially a bit skeptical. I mean, how many different ways can a single song be remixed without sounding stale?

Apparently 20, and the results are truly sublime. I honestly did not find one bad apple in the bunch, and that's pretty remarkable.

Speaking of Centaur, this gay-owned and operated independent label truly deserves our support. Not only do they produce some of the best dance compilations around - mixed by the Circuit's top DJs, of course - but their benefit CDs have raised a lot of money and awareness for our community.
The most recent, "Being Out Rocks," celebrates National Coming Out Day. The CD features artists such as Cyndi Lauper, k.d. lang, and Rufus Wainwright. Check out the complete catalog at

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