by Matt Kalkhoff

As the mercury soars to often unbearable heights during the steamy month of August, the only thing hotter than the temperature in many parts of the country will be the men attending several of the circuit’s feistiest festivals. Among the highlights next month are Pines 2000 on Fire Island, the Hotlanta River Expo in Atlanta, and the Russian River Morning Party weekend in Guerneville, California.

PINES 2000

Fire Island, New York | Saturday, August 5, 2000

This benefit party for The Fire Island Property Owners Association Charitable Foundation and Stonewall Community Foundation debuted on the circuit last year, and picked up where the dearly departed Morning Party left off. The event still takes place outdoors, but the time has been changed. This illustrious event now takes place under dark (but hopefully clear) skies from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Producers Billy Carroll and Mitchell Greenberg, along with a venerable host committee, are bringing Hollywood to the Pines for one very special night. DJ Robbie Leslie will start the evening with a lighter mixture of circuit favorites before the incomparable Manny Lehman takes over the turntables to elevate the energy into an explosive escapade of extreme euphoria. Australian lighting wizard Allan Parkinson will mesmerize the crowd with his special blend of vibrant visuals and ethereal effects. The island ambiance and community spirit are what really make this event special, and the diversity of patrons and dance floor distractions create a truly unique circuit experience.

Tickets are now available online and at the Pines Harbor for $150. Check out for more information and to order tickets.

* * * * *


Atlanta, GA | August 10-13, 2000

As I told friends after experiencing my first Hotlanta weekend last year, it was definitely HOT in Atlanta (both the temperature and the men), but the word FUN more accurately described my Hotlanta experience. Judging by this year’s entertainment line-up, the 22nd Anniversary of the Hotlanta River Expo, celebrating the Year of the Dragon, looks just as promising.

DJ Lydia Prim helps jumpstart this AID Atlanta benefit weekend at the Shogun Party on Friday night following the always-popular Mr. Hotlanta contest at the beautiful Fox Theater. Although it seems most people now forego the actual river raft race on Saturday afternoon, plan to participate if the weather is nice – it’s way too much fun to skip. Just pack your water guns and sun block, and head on down to the lovely Chattahoochee River for this weekend’s namesake event. WARNING: You will get completely soaked. Dragon Dance, Saturday’s main event, starts out with Atlanta’s own DJ Craig Spy, and is headlined by circuit legend Warren Gluck. If you caught Warren’s performance at Cherry 5’s main event in April, then you know why this event should not be missed. Perhaps the most fun party of the weekend takes place Sunday afternoon – the Happy Family Tea Dance – with DJ Michael Fierman. WARNING: If the venue is anything like last year’s, then be prepared to get totally soaked again – this time from sweating. DJ Wayne Arnold closes out the weekend spinning the oddly-named Fried Rice closing party on Sunday night.

If you’re longing for a good old-fashioned circuit weekend, where fun and frivolity are celebrated in grand southern style, and attitude and arrogance are almost undetectable, you should definitely check out Hotlanta.

Gold and Silver weekend ticket packages are available for $135-190, depending on when you buy them; individual tickets are also available. Please call (404) 874-3976 or visit for more information.

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Guerneville, CA | August 11-13, 2000

I’m guessing many of you are probably already very familiar with nature, having spent a fair amount of time in local parks and other wooded areas, so the 3rd Annual Russian River Morning Party offers the perfect opportunity to once again enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and fun environment. Located about an hour and a half north of San Francisco, the lovely Fifes Resort provides the scenic backdrop for several exhilarating events scheduled throughout the weekend. Revelers will enjoy pool parties, carnival attractions, swimming, volleyball, and canoeing alongside 14 luscious acres of California redwood trees and a scenic meadow overlooking the Russian River. The incredible turntable talents of DJs Monty Q, Phil B, and Manny L will provide uplifting music for your dancing pleasure at several daytime and evening events. Don’t forget to pack your bug spray because you never know just what kind of critters will be crawling around out in the woods.

Accommodations at Fifes Resort can be reserved by calling (707) 869-0656; additional event and ticket information can be found at

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Fall Circuit Forecast

by Matt Kalkhoff

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and gay resort areas like Fire Island and Provincetown are becoming increasingly desolate as each day passes. The golden brown tans that we spent months working on will soon fade, and eventually all we’ll have left of the summer are memories. The leaves will also start changing colors as the temperature cools, and boys and girls everywhere will begin meticulously planning their Halloween costumes. These are sure signs that autumn is upon us. But one thing that never seems to change with the seasons is the collection of scorching hot parties that continue to take place throughout the North American circuit.

This year’s fall line-up offers party revelers a multitude of diverse options. Some will opt for the leather-infused decadence of the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, while others will head to Columbus for the Red Party, one of the circuit’s oldest and most popular events. Still, many others will choose to head to Nevada to experience the opulence and extravagance of Viva Las Vegas, a relative newcomer to the gay party circuit. Whichever party weekend you decide to attend (including Montreal’s massive Black & Blue), rest assured that each offers its own unique character that will surely satiate even the most voracious party appetites.


San Francisco, California | September 22-24, 2000

Don’t let the name of this event fool you – there’s a lot more going on at the Folsom Street Fair than just naughty exhibits, public spankings and exotic leatherwear. Leather Week 2000, which starts on September 17th, culminates with this weekend-long street festival that draws upwards of 300,000 leather enthusiasts. But the festivities also include many late night dance parties that will no doubt give the daytime events some stiff competition when it comes to debauchery. The Link: Men In Uniform party jumpstarts the weekend on Friday night at The Officer’s Club at the Concourse with DJ Monty Q. San Francisco’s own DJ Neil Lewis whips the crowd into shape on Saturday at Magnitude, the official Black Party of the Folsom Street Fair at the Concourse Exhibition Center. For those of you who just haven’t had enough (and you know who you are), join DJ Lydia Prim at Aftershock where you can dance well into the next morning. Real Bad XII – Intensity introduces Atlanta/Birmingham-based DJ Wayne Arnold to San Francisco for a Home Care Companions and Lambda Legal Defense Fund benefit dance event on Sunday night.

There are countless other events going on throughout the week and weekend, so please check out the following websites for more information:,, and Weekend and VIP passes are $100 and $150, respectively, and can be ordered online at

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Columbus, OH | September 29–October 1, 2000

This year’s theme: BIG RED TOP. Bottoms with a penchant for redheads may be disappointed, though, to learn that the theme actually revolves around the circus. I doubt you’ll encounter any trained elephants or bearded ladies (well, now that I think about it, drag queens with five-o-clock shadows are entirely possible), but you will find an incredible collection of the circuit’s favorite entertainers. At Saturday’s main event, Felix Vega will captivate the crowds with his aerial acrobatics, while Connie Casserole and Power deliver their unique blend of visual stimulation and gender-bending performance art, South Beach style. Columbus’ own Maryann Brandt will act as Ring Mistress, and the omnipresent DJ David Knapp will provide high energy musical selections for your dancing pleasure. DanceOne will also be on hand to continue filming their 2000 video series.

Other entertainment includes Boston DJ Richie Rich who will start the weekend off early on Thursday night with Sideshow at the Columbus Eagle. Madonna’s latest remix artist and new circuit sensation, DJ Tracy Young, takes over the turntables at Prelude on Friday night at Axis. DJs Monty Q and Randy Bettis finish out the weekend on Sunday at Tea and Epilogue, respectively. The production values of this weekend are always spectacular (hey, they’ve been doing it for like 20 years) and the boys are extra friendly, so give this Midwestern jewel a try this year and enjoy a party reminiscent of the good old days.

Free bus service to and from all events will be provided. More information on tickets, events and host hotels can be found at or by calling their info line at 614-297-6453.



Las Vegas, Nevada | October 6-8, 2000

You probably won’t find Wayne Newton or any Elvis impersonators at these events (although Siegfried & Roy might swing by), but all the hedonism and overindulgence that epitomize the highly illuminated desert town will surely be abundant at this fourth installment of Viva Las Vegas. The Atlantis crew, best known for their gay-themed vacations and travel services, once again delivers the goods by bringing in top notch DJ talent like Joe D’Espinosa (out of retirement, apparently), Phil B, Warren Gluck, and Susan Morabito. This isn’t your ordinary circuit party, and the unusual venues, like the Wet ‘n Wild Water Park, MGM Grand Adventures, and Vegas’ hottest nightclub, Studio 54, attest to that. Perhaps the best thing about this weekend, though, is its reasonable cost: $129 for a weekend pass. But please be careful if you decide to gamble in the casinos because just a few minutes with a dealer (cards!) or a futile attempt to win big on the slots (I’m talking from experience here) can easily make your weekend extraordinarily more expensive.

Call 800-6-ATLANTIS or visit for more information on tickets, host hotel, and event details.

© 2000 Matt Kalkhoff

Both articles appeared at in July 2000 and September 2000, respectively.