Razor N’ Guido’s Groovilicious Album Showcases Variety Of Clubland Styles
by Matt Kalkhoff
Billboard Magazine | November 4, 2000

WASHINGTON, D.C. – "I used to get fired from clubs for playing this music," recalls Peter "Razor" Osback, one-half of the innovative remix/production team Razor N’ Guido, referring to the duo’s progressive hard-house sound. "I got fired from a club six times on [New York’s] Long Island. Now, the clubs will do anything to get us to play."

Yesterday’s nobody is today’s trendsetter and tomorrow’s superstar. It has often been said that making it big in the entertainment industry is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. That, and an ample amount of talent, of course. It may be a tired cliché, but Razor N’ Guido attribute much of their past success to unexpected opportunities and impeccable timing.

On the act’s new continuous mix CD of original material, appropriately titled "Dancefloor" – which Groovilicious/Strictly Rhythm will have in stores Nov. 7 – the venerable men behind the infectious and influential club/crossover hits as "Do It Again" are relying more heavily on talent these days and have adeptly executed this exhaustive and revolutionary project.

"I think the album shows how eclectic we are musically," says Guido (Osario), whose songs are published by Gomixx (ASCAP); Osback’s songs are handled by Ray Zorman (ASCAP). "For us, this was the first time writing and producing full-on vocals. It was truly a learning experience."

Although consisting of genuine dance music, the album showcases many different styles of the clubland experience. It also spotlights the vocal talents of Octahvia, Darrel Martin, Alan T., Reneé, and fellow Groovilicious artist Reina.

"They’re both very talented, amazing guys," notes Reina, who sings on (and co-penned) two tracks, "You" and "Miss The Way," the set’s first single. "They let me have total creative freedom."

According to Bari Gossman, VP of promotion at Strictly Rhythm, "Miss The Way" was delivered to rhythm-crossover and top 40 radio the week of Oct. 9. In this issue, the song climbs 11 spots to No. 19 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

Gossman confirms a strong Internet promotion in addition to radio. "Inside each CD will be a special code," she explains. "So, purchasers of the disc can go to a site [liquidaudio.com/strictlyrhythm/], enter the code, and have access to free files of extended club mixes of various album tracks, including Junior Vasquez’s mix of ‘Miss The Way.’"

Also, notes Gossman, "we’ve entered into a kiosk promotional program with S3, the company that makes the Rio player."

Consumers can also visit Strictly.com for audio streaming of various tracks from "Dancefloor."

In support of the album, Razor N’ Guido, who recently completed a tour of Japan – and who are booked by Michael Schweiger of New York-based Track Central Booking – will spend the next several months touring throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Schweiger confirms dates in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Orlando, Fla.; among other cities. In Europe, the act will spend much time in the U.K.

When they are not touring, Razor N’ Guido plan to refocus their energy on remixing other artists’ work. "For a good eight or nine months, we weren’t taking on any additional projects," Guido says of the pair’s self-imposed break from remixing to concentrate on the album. "We’re starting to re-establish contacts and telling people, ‘Hey, we’re here, we’re back.’ So now the remixes are starting to come in again."

Recent remix projects include Isaac Hayes, De La Soul, and Sugar Babies.

On the horizon for the twosome are a multitude of remixes, original productions, and songwriting, as well as the development of artists.

"We have a lot of areas that we haven’t yet covered," says Guido. "We appreciate everything that’s been given to us and where we’ve gone, but we have only just begun."

At the end of the day, explains Gossman, "we’re dealing with two very talented guys who bring a great mix of underground and mainstream sounds to the table. With ‘Dancefloor,’ Razor N’ Guido have made an album that is extremely accessible to the crossover market and their original core audience, which is the underground club community."

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