DJ Eddie Elias
by Matt Kalkhoff

Ever since Eddie Elias played his first professional gig in 2000, the New Jersey-based, Dominican-born DJ has been wowing audiences in New York City and around the country with his unique sound and masterful mixing.  Deep, progressive grooves are the foundation upon which Eddie builds his sets; where he goes from there depends on the crowd and his remarkably keen instincts.  Whether he’s dramatically layering an improbable number of tracks during a peak hour performance before a crowd of thousands or working a single favorite record with focused precision at a more intimate after-hours, a night on his dance floor is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Eddie was first influenced during his early clubbing experiences in the 90s listening to the legendary DJ Junior Vasquez spin at Tunnel and Arena.  Over the course of his professional career, he has cultivated a distinct sound and an innovative and ever-evolving mixing style.  Pulling from across the house music spectrum, with a vast technical and emotional range, Eddie’s sets inspire extraordinary and often unexpected dance floor journeys. 

Following in the footsteps of his good friend and mentor, Victor Calderone, Eddie caught his first break spinning at private parties on Fire Island, where he played for many of the same people who helped launch Calderone’s career years earlier.  He also met Ric Sena, an ambitious producer and promoter whose marathon gay events at Sound Factory were fast becoming the hottest ticket in town. 

Impressed by the young DJ’s performance, Sena invited Eddie to spin a set at one of his now-legendary Alegria parties.  Other dates followed, and when the party later moved to Crobar -- one of the largest and most popular nightclubs in Manhattan -- Sena brought Eddie along and offered him a residency that continues today. 

Venerable New York promoter John Blair has also tapped Eddie’s immense talent to helm his immortal Saturday night soiree at Roxy, the crown jewel and long-reigning king of Manhattan’s weekly gay dance scene. 

Hilton Wollman is another influential party broker who took a chance on Eddie early in his career, inviting him to spin at Salvation in South Beach in 2001.  Rave reviews prompted several return engagements, including a career-defining after-hours set during Winter Party weekend that catapulted the rookie DJ from little known peripheral player to major marquee status.  Eddie will return to South Florida in March 2007 for another Winter Party gig, this time at the enormous Club Space in downtown Miami. 

Eddie also bears the notable distinction of having played the very last party at the storied Pavilion nightclub on Fire Island, the very space where he landed his first professional DJ gig back in 2000 (before the building was razed in September 2006 to make way for a new club).  He has also traveled the country from coast to coast playing a wide array of venues, like Chicago’s Hydrate, Cathedral in Philly and Tampa’s Krome, and will soon add Rick Murray’s July 4th blowout at the Paramount Crown & Anchor in Provincetown to his resume in 2007.  Perhaps the most impressive notch in the ambitious disc jockey’s belt, though, was carved in September 2006 when Eddie spun at the legendary club Twilo’s latest incarnation in Miami. 

Always looking to expand his international exposure, Eddie’s adventures abroad include playing at one of Rosana Amaral’s parties in Rio, Brazil, held at the Museu de Arte Moderna.  Other exciting overseas dates are currently in the works.  Eddie’s also spending as much time in the studio as a new father and husband can spare, honing his production skills.  He is looking forward to sharing his original productions with audiences in the near future. 

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