by Matt Kalkhoff

In an industry that thrives on its audience’s insatiable need for change, yet constantly strives to hold the average consumer’s short attention span, there are few truly safe bets. Perhaps this is why Peter Rauhofer’s vast accomplishments seem at once so heroic yet still so intangible. It is indeed rare for a DJ/producer, especially one on the cutting edge of electronica, to persevere through more than a decade of rapidly changing consumer tastes. Rauhofer’s profound talent and continual evolution have dutifully earned him the utmost respect of his peers and a worldwide reputation as one of the most prolific and influential forces in electronic dance music.

Rauhofer began his remarkable career as a DJ/producer after working for many years in various capacities within the music industry. After an eight-year stint as A&R director at the Austrian “indie” label GIG/BMG Records and establishing a solid reputation as one of the top DJs in Vienna, Rauhofer introduced himself to American audiences in 1992 under the pseudonym Club 69. His first single, the provocative hit “Let Me Be Your Underwear,” was followed by “Adults Only” and “Style,” both full-length Club 69 albums. He followed up those early successes with a series of international dance sensations including “Diva,” “Unique,” “Drama,” “Alright,” “Muscles” and “Twisted.” In 1999, Rauhofer joined house music heavyweights Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, Cevin Fisher and Razor & Guido in reinterpreting selected songs for “Re-Styled,” a remix version of the “Style” album.

Always the chameleon, Rauhofer has also recorded under several other intriguing pseudonyms including Size Queen (“Walk 4 Me,” “K-Hole” and “Music,” all from the album “Pimps, Pumps and Pushers”), House Heroes (“Magic Orgasm”) and Magic Cucumbers (“Stand Up”). His latest incarnation is The Collaboration, a moniker under which Rauhofer recruits other prominent artists and producers to join him in creating and remixing music. Rauhofer’s first endeavor as The Collaboration paired him with Victor Calderone in 1999 to record the wildly popular “Do It Properly” with vocalist Deborah Cooper. The duo later remixed Madonna’s “Skin.” Rauhofer will now take this concept to the next level by producing a full-length album of collaborative tracks with a variety of artists like the new Star 69 release, a lush cover of Raze’s “Break 4 Love” with the Pet Shop Boys.

Past beat-mixed compilation CDs include “Twist This Pussy” (Twisted), Club 69 Future Mix, Volumes 1 & 2 (Twisted), Nite Grooves (King Street) and The Circuit Party 4 (SPG). Rauhofer’s technical skills and personal taste in music at the moment will also be showcased on London-Sire’s next “Essential Mix” CD.

Brilliant remixes for Madonna (“Nothing Really Matters”), Whitney Houston (“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay”), Cher (with the help of Rauhofer’s Club 69 Future Mix, “Believe” went on to become the biggest record worldwide in 1999), Depeche Mode (Rauhofer’s version of “It’s No Good” was voted Best Remix of 1997 by Mixmag), Donna Summer (“I Will Go With You (Con Te Partir)”), Pet Shop Boys and others have solidified Rauhofer’s status as one of the most influential and visionary artists in the music industry. Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Book of Love have also enjoyed renewed fame recently thanks to his retooling of their 80s hits, “Relax” and “Boy,” respectively. Jennifer Lopez got the Rauhofer treatment on her latest release, “Play,” and Madonna has recruited him once again to remix her next single, “Impressive Instant.”

Rauhofer’s unique talent has helped more than 35 records reach Number One on the Billboard charts, earning him countless accolades including the music industry’s highest honor – a Grammy Award for Remixer of the Year in 2000. A second nomination in 2001 in the same category only solidifies Rauhofer’s status as a world class entertainer. A maverick at heart, he is never content with the status quo; conversely, he fervently attempts to redefine it. The only thing predictable about Peter Rauhofer is his undying drive to achieve perfection and the exceptional quality of his extensive work.

In early 1999, Rauhofer launched Star 69 Entertainment in conjunction with AOL/Time-Warner’s London-Sire division. The tremendous impact each of the singles released thus far has had on both dance floors and music charts worldwide is nothing short of remarkable. Hardly one to rest on his laurels, Rauhofer soon found a way to bring Star 69’s influence into the home through the truly innovative marketing and release of “This Is Star 69,” a vibrantly beat-mixed collection of the label’s singles. A second volume of this best-selling CD will be introduced in the near future.

A master of multi-media manipulation, Rauhofer is also an accomplished photographer and self-taught graphic designer. His inspired attention to detail and boundless talent is most noticeably displayed on Star 69’s distinctive “taxicab yellow” packaging, as well as the numerous posters, advertisements, and articles of clothing Rauhofer has personally created to help promote his growing empire.

When he’s not anchored to his desk or burning the midnight oil in the studio, Rauhofer regularly puts his talent on display for live audiences at some of the hottest venues in the country and around the world. Coveted residencies at The Roxy, Limelight and Miami’s Level keep Rauhofer firmly in touch with his audience affording him the unique honor of setting the very same trends the rest of the world will eventually emulate.

While Rauhofer’s plate is full as always, some may argue that Star 69’s cup runneth over. Boasting a stable of artists that rivals that of a major label (featuring Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Celeda, house diva Suzanne Palmer, and underground sensation Lula; the latter three working on full-length albums due out in late 2001), Star 69 shines with the luminous intensity of a Supernova.

The inexhaustibly creative DJ, producer, remixer, record label owner, photographer, creative director, and all-around visionary is the very definition of a Renaissance man. Peter Rauhofer is a success many times over who, by all industry standards, has consistently proven himself worthy of the numerous accolades he receives. Rauhofer is, and shall continue to be, a globally influential force in the music industry, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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