by Matt Kalkhoff

Like the giant life-sustaining fiery orb that ascends from our planet's horizon each and every morning, a uniquely enlightened musical talent emerged from the desert sands of Nevada in 1994 with comparable intensity and enthusiasm. Destined for greatness from the beginning, New York-based DJ Ra is an ever-evolving artist who initially gained notoriety for his potent live performances featuring a melange of vocal house anthems and complex tribal beats. The Billboard-reporting DJ has since introduced a distinctly funkier edge into his sets creating a more robust and progressive sound that has no doubt fueled his increasing popularity at nightclubs and Circuit parties around the world.

Armed with years of extensive formal dance instruction and training on a variety of musical instruments, Ra began dabbling in the turntable trade while attending college in Las Vegas. Amidst much soul searching and spiritual exploration, the aspiring DJ tapped a popular Egyptian myth to create his curious professional persona. Citing a “strange affinity for Egyptian things” and the belief that he was reincarnated from a past life in ancient Egypt, Ra chose the name of the fabled sun god as a moniker. Shortly thereafter he launched his professional career at the infamous Vegas hot spot Gipsy, a small, unpretentious venue popular among open-minded, savvy dance enthusiasts.

When Ra moved to Miami's South Beach in the summer of 1998, the cross-country bookings seemed to multiply exponentially, turning most weekends into a virtual blur. In January of 2002 he joined the Madtizzy team to help guide his burgeoning career. Under the joint tutelage of the legendary DJ David Knapp and Madtizzy founder George Dellinger, Ra is literally on the verge of superstardom. Now a prominent staple on many of the premier Circuit weekend rosters, he plays regularly at the nation's hottest nightclubs, like Crobar in Chicago, Washington, D.C.'s Nation, Factory in Los Angeles, Atlanta's Blu, Axis in Columbus, Houston's South Beach and New York's SBNY. Ra is also establishing his reputation overseas with critically acclaimed performances at clubs like VOX in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ra was originally signed in the late 90s to mix four compilation CDs for the now-defunct 4 Play Records, but only completed “Circuit Sessions, Volume 10” before the company went out of business. The CD did, however, introduce his first original track, “Temple of Ra.” [?] He has since concentrated his focus on remixing and producing more of his own original music and is collaborating with local drum ‘n bass producer Nate Mars on several projects. To further enhance this process and help refine his personal musical development, Ra is also taking audio engineering classes.

DJ Ra's immense talent is as powerful as any elemental force in nature. As capable as DJs with twice his experience, he has successfully transformed an initially amusing diversion into a highly evolved art form. Along the way, he has garnered a tremendous fan base and much respect within the industry. Much like the enduring folklore of his perceived ancestral heritage, DJ Ra's sublime music and radiant live performances will no doubt become legends in their own right.


- Written by Matt Kalkhoff


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